The Mask laserdisc

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The storyline of ‘THE MASK: FROM ZERO TO HERO’ concerns one Stanley Ipkiss [Jim Carrey], a loveable loser who works at a bank and lets everyone walk all over him. One night he stumbles upon a mystical, vaguely defined mask that turns him into the titular antihero. Forgoing the comic book’s hyper-violence, the film instead turns Stanley Ipkiss into an even goofier Nutty Professor, an over-caffeinated raconteur able to stretch, squash, and manipulate himself and others in the tradition of famous animator Tex Avery.

From there, things get more complicated, as his outlandish tomfoolery soon attracts the attention of a group of villainous gangsters led by Dorian Tyrell [Peter Greene] and the police Lt. Mitch Kellaway [Peter Riegert]. The film climaxes with a siege on a charity ball in keeping with the cartoon feeling, the money for the charity is held in a giant pink piggy, with Peter Greene wearing the mask, amplifying his evil. This is when the film shifts into all out lunacy, with multiple human and non-human, wearers of the mask, gun fights, explosives, the whole bit, and it all ends up being a little… blah!