Madonna – Secret – in house promotional acappella transfers cd

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Features Madonna singing varying Acappella Harmonies, some used and some remain unused (outtakes) from the Secret Single, This is an official Warner Bros in house disc, which was latterly compiled as GHV compilation was used, however this was later disgarded and the content remains unused

CD includes unreleased Madonna parts including her getting frustrated eg, :
“You gotta just go to the ***ing chorus”, Studio Chat, False Starts

CD has a cumulative total playing time of over 56 Minutes, there are a lot of studio silence moments in here , but the disc provides a fascinating insight into Madonna’s recording process

There is another Secret Acapella CD reference which includes the following, which may provide more details about the tracklisting as the inlay J Card here doesn’t provide us with much detail:
Acapella – Lead Vox/Track 21/Track 22 (5:48)
Acapella – Back Vox (6:00) Unreleased,
Acapella – Harms/2nd Bridge Fly In (5:46)
Acapella – Alternate Lead Vox (5:35)
Acapella – Low Harms 1/Track 19 (5:53)
Acapella – Low Harms 2/Track 20 (5:37)
Acapella – Low Harms 3/Track 9 (5:28)
Acapella – Low Harms 4/Track 10 (5:28)
Acapella – Low Harms 5/Track 11/Track 12 (5:30)
Acapella – High Harms + End 1/Track 13 (5:35)
Acapella – High Harms + End 2/Track 14/Track 15/Track 16 (5:35)
Acapella – Extra Chorus (5:13)
Acapella – Extra Bridge (5:36)